Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gnat-ure Strikes Again...

Ptoooi...ptoooi...blech blech....ptooi...gah

OK, now that I've got all the Gnats out from various facial places, from behind glasses and out from under my helmet...

Jeez...well, not that bad but DAYUM!!! Day of the Gnats today on the bike trail. A big swarm of them stretching across the trail about every 50 ft or so. Stupid knats.

It's been more than a week I think since I've been out on Sgt. Puff. Doesn't take much for me to talk myself out of going and to get out of shape because I'm such a slacker...and doesn't take long on Sgt. Puff to drive that point home.

Have been in a bit of a bike funk I guess since Spencer doesn't have one anymore (yet, but I'm working on it), and really missed going out this weekend with him. It was the perfect weekend to do it too! Wah.

No excuse though, why I can't go out at lunch time on my own - during the week - when he's in school.

Oh, I've got PLENTY of excuses, but you know what I mean... heh heh heh...

Today, I went out on Sgt. Puff to run some errands. A total of 35 minutes or so on the bike with two stops. Now I sit here after a few minutes back still catching my breath. Pa-the-tic. Sigh.

Definitely no slacking off now. Going to make myself go out for a ride at every lunch time. Spencer is off at his Dad's this weekend, so I'm hoping to get out again then as well.

And maybe, just maybe, someday soon, I can catch up to that old grandpa that zoomed past me on the trail today.


Still hanging my head in embarrassment...

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