Monday, November 24, 2008

OMG...if only...

...I had the figure

...I had the skills

...and I wore dresses...

I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO make this dress.

It's modern, it's retro, it's awesome.

Oh, and I've corrected my spelling of gnat...knew it didn't look right, but I was too lazy to look it up. Thanks J for spelling it correctly and jarring my brain.


  1. Oh, I didn't even notice that the spelling was wrong. I must be getting old. Actually, I'm not a great speller, so I tend to not notice when people spell incorrectly.

    That is indeed a cute dress.

  2. Ok, I like that dress, too...but I have been watching enough Tim Gunn to know that them pockets are going to look ridiculous of your hands are not ALWAYS in them LOL.
    It's the neckline. I adore the neckline. And the doodads ON the neckline. I wonder if I can knit a cowl or something to look like that...?