Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scary Saturday continued with...

...Gnat II, Revenge of the Gnats

So I go out Saturday afternoon for a bike ride, figuring it will be a short one since I've had a slight fever the last few days, but I haven't been out of the apartment for 2 days now and I'm going crazy and if I don't get out soon I'll explode.

You know how it goes.

So I get into my gear, get outside, think to myself...hmmmm....maybe I'll go a bit longer cos the fresh air feels great and I think I can manage a nice leisurely ride for a bit.

Get going down the path and OMG!!!! Attack of the killer swarms of GNATS.

Check for bugs. I hate bugs - Cairo Prison Warden, The Mummy (movie)

DAY-UM...Huge, ginormous swarms ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' PATH!!!!

I swear, I almost wrecked several times just trying to make it thru - and I kept going thinking, there MUST be an end to this torture soon, they can't go for that long, can they?

Um, yes, they can - but with no place to turn around quickly on the path, I kept going right thru.

Only problem with that was that I had to come back thru.

Since I'm sitting here typing, I must have made it... forge on ahead today with a 10mile round trip on Sgt Puff to meet Antonella for an afternoon of shopping and an early dinner while Spencer and his friend were at the house playing xbox.

I got the cutest ankle boots and a small olive leather Liz Claibourne purse ($9 - can't go wrong) and shared an awesome sample platter off BBQ with Antonella.

Honey, we'll be going there when you come, you will like it better than the usual place. Yes, you will.

Was going to post a picture of the only crafting project I can show for now, but I'm not far enough yet. Trust me tho when I say - it's AWESOME!!!!! Two new knitting techniques for me, but I seem to be catching on most awesomely. Argyle and double knitting.

Spencer says I rock.

As far as this project is concerned? Yeah, I do. Yay!


  1. Ewww! Knats!
    There used to be tons of knats in my parent's back yard, so I grew up dealing with the icky swarms. I've never seen a swarm that big though!

    I hope your feeling better today after your little outing and your yummy BBQ. Being sick sucks.

    Oh and cool with the argile and double knitting. Can't wait to see your wears!

    Next weekend, I want to try beaded knitting and felting. The thoughts are to do them on a single project, but I might be smart about it and just do one or the other. Probably felting. I need to get my Back-Tack stuff out next week (I should probably start working on that).

  2. Mmmmm, BBQ.... I'm up for that; which reminds me, do I have to bring more brown sauce for Spence, as well as Yorkshire tea bags, and Comfort for you and Antonella, and chinese 5-spice...?

    And does anyone know how I can smuggle bacon through US Customs? :-)

    x x x

  3. Ugh, gnats! We had a small swarm in the bushes right near our front door last week! The horror!