Monday, November 03, 2008

Wherein the new raincoat...

...has seen more rain in the last few days than it did on our entire trip to England/Wales in August.

And what do ya really is a raincoat. Repelling water and everything!!! Hey, I got it for a steal at Marshall's, no tags...could have just been a short trench coat waterproof jacket impersonator.

But, I am happy to report, it is indeed, the Real Thing.

Last time I saw the weather...about 6am-ish this morning, there were no predictions of rain for Election Day tomorrow. So maybe my short little trench will get a well deserved rest.

There will however, be quite the entourage going off to the local polling place.

First off, the son. Spencer has come with me to vote in every election since we moved to California - which was very soon after he was born. So after 13 or so years of voting (yeah, he's over 14, but had to qualify as a resident first), guess you can call it a "family tradition".

Next, the snackage and beverages. No telling how long we'll be in line and gosh darn it, voting is so exciting, we'll probably get the munchies.

And finally, the knitting. Just in case there is a long line or something. The needles will also come in handy if someone tries to cut the line or starts up any trouble. POKE!!!

Whuh...Just sayin'.

We're all excited to go.

Next time I go for a Presidential Election, Spencer will be coming along as a VOTER!!!! OMG... where has the time gone?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Don't forget to vote!!

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