Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Center of the Earth Hot....

Yes, it really seems like it is...

Here in the Chaos, we've managed to not have the A/C on for most of the day. Once the highest heat of the day passed (I think we topped out at 106F maybe higher), I turned it on so as to cool the place off so we could sleep comfortably.

People always ask...but don't you waste energy or whatever by waiting? Not really. Either I have it on all day - where it's pretty much running all day, or I wait until around 6pm ish, turn it on, let it run for a few hours and that's that.

We don't really need it on all day - we are lucky. We are on the first floor immediately above the underground parking. The underground parking that pretty much stays cool year round. The concrete ceiling is basically our floor, only covered with a pathetic excuse for a pad and carpet.

In the winter, we're always cold. But in winter, it's very easy to put on layers of lovingly hand knit items to keep us warm...and those giant blankies I've just made will definitely come in handy once the mercury dips this winter!

In the summer, we are comfortable...only turning on the A/C at night - even during the hottest of heat waves.

In that we are lucky, cos there are only so many clothes you can take off when you are not the only one at home...and it's quite expensive to run our A/C all day long. This place is not well insulated - at all.

Little Princess Sammie has found a nice cool nook to hide in all day...only coming out for drinks of water and snackage. Spencer has been playing on his Xbox most of the day. I've been reading, playing addictive games on the laptop, or having a quick lie down. It's been pretty quiet round here as I suspect it's been for anyone else who is experiencing hot temps today. It's just the best thing to do.

Once dinner settles a bit more (we just had home made turkey burgers - YUM), Spencer and I will head out to swim. It was too hot to go to the pool today when it was in full sun.

I even hand washed the few items he'll need for his next week of being a Junior Counselor. There was no way I was going to trot up to the HOT laundry room and deal with laundry just for a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I just did them here in the plastic tub thingy and hung them up - they are pretty much dried already.

So much for today. Not much exciting but I did manage to blab a lot, didn't I?

I am so excited for tomorrow. Claudia is doing her drawing tonight and will post about her ride and who won what from her prize basket tomorrow. I not only find out if I won anything (oh please let me win one of the AWESOME prizes!!!), I also find out who won the 3 items I donated.

One week until my classes start!

I'm going crazy - the wait is killing me.

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  1. Crap it was hot on Sunday. Sometimes I wish we only had one story at our little townhouse, because while the downstairs stays bearable, the upstairs gets blechy. Def need the a/c for a few hours before bed. Sigh.