Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's not too late...

Hi Everyone!!!

While I go off and wait on hold for oh, an hour or so to argue the merits of "you have my money, where's my insurance benefits you bleep bleep bleepity bleep-bleep", please check out Claudia's Blog.

It's time for her annual Bike Ride for MS over on the East Coast. The actual ride is this coming weekend. For a donation of $10 or more, you will be entered into her raffle. People from all over the world have been donating some great stuff. Including lil' ol' me...the link above takes you to today's post which shows, among many other prizes, the 3 items I made especially for the give away. At the bottom of the post are the linkies you need to donate.

So hop on over to her blog, make a donation if you'd like and then stay a while to DROOL over all the wonderful knitty related prizes she's got stuffed into her prize basket...which should probably be the size of a large garden shed by now!

Latest news here, I signed up yesterday for a Jewelry Class. Same Adult Education place, only different day and location. Everything I know has been sef-taught - and there is nuttin' wrong with that! I'm hoping to hone my skills, and pick up some new ones as well. They mention wire wrapping in the class summary - YES! Have been wanting to try my hand at that for a while now. I can't wait for both of these classes to start.

I am hoping they'll give the creativity part of my brain a good kick start.

I am happiest when I am creating...and so far I haven't been able to do much creating since the job ended (palette cleansing giant blankies haven't worked - altho I am quickly burning thru my stash - and the latest one is over half done)...which makes for one unhappy Donna. Sigh.

Go...visit Claudia...drool, then donate...donate then drool, don't donate, just donate or just drool...

I'll be here when you get back...whining about how I've got artist's block and that all things insurance hate me.


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  1. Thanks Donna! That was very sweet of you.