Tuesday, July 07, 2009

About Balls....

Conversation in the elevator yesterday while going up to do laundry...

Little Girl: I like your balls lady!

Me: Why thank you!

Little Girls Mom: snicker snicker snicker snicker...


Seen floating in the canal while riding the trail this morning...

  • One pink ball about the size of a basketball
  • 3 baseballs
  • One football


Seen *on* the trail....3 piles of doggy poop

  • One very large as in "does a bear shit on the trail" large
  • One very small
  • And one very smooshed (luckily not by me)

(I know, I know, not technically balls...more like torpedoes...landmines...work with me here...had to tell about the poops!!!)


For those looking for artsy type stuff...

First Drawing Class today...I LOVE IT! I am very glad I signed up for this class. Once I get past the fact that I'm the youngest person in the class...it's not so bad!

Today we learned about the basic shapes used in drawing and about highlighting and shadowing. Someday when I get over being a lazy ass, I'll post a scan of some of my work. I'm doing pretty good for a beginner, even if I do say so myself. hee hee

Oh, and I TOTALLY love that I can ride from door to door and lock up my bike right outside the classroom door. Really wish it wasn't so windy sometimes, but it does give me a good workout!

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