Saturday, September 26, 2009

I know it's Saturday cos Blogger says so...

...this week I have absolutely no concept of time or what day it is...

Oh well. Right now, I know it's Saturday. I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow thinking it's Wednesday or even Saturday again. A friend commented at dinner "isn't every day a Saturday when you're out of work?" Pretty much as the days start melting into one, but I really do like to keep track of things...sigh. I think my brain is going on vacation. Really need to get going on some crafting - I need to keep it a little bit more stimulated than I have been. I've been reading a lot, but it needs some diverse activities.

Right now, I just wanna go to bed and get a decent night's sleep. I haven't had one in over a week and it's showing. I get easily confused, disoriented, and am prone to zoning out. Getting a bit more regular with the bike riding will help, but the weather is just too hot to do that. Sigh.

Anyways, I've had a nice cup of English Tea, cuddled with the Kitty and now it's time to pry the kid off the xbox. My bargain shopping partner in crime is back in town and we're heading out tomorrow for a day of hunting down some good deals. We need our rest.

Good night from the Chaos - where things are getting less and less chaotic (organizing-wise) daily.

Friday, September 25, 2009

You'd think I'd post more...

....being that I am unemployed and supposedly have nothing better to do...

Today I went into San Francisco to DSW warehouse and then on to Chinatown. A good walk about the City wandering in and out of various bathrooms and shops does one good.

Yes, I did buy shoes* and yes, I bought myself a small silk zipper pouch and a wee bit larger messenger bag at my fav shop in Chinatown, said hi to the giant wooden willie and then made my way home.

And now I'm sitting here in my new shoes ** (oooh they sure are comfy!) typing up a blog post. Cos I've got nothing better to do.

*No way in hell did I pay that much. I paid less than $40. What I REALLY want now are these. Can't wait til they hit the discount shops....

** I have a thing for born and boc shoes...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm obsessed (as Spencer always tells me)

Not only do I belong to the Book Swap Club, but I also joined its 2 sister sites....DVD Swap and CD swap.

With all this sorting and purging, I've come across a few DVDs and CDs that I just don't watch or listen to any more (some I didn't even remember I had!!). Up on their respective sites they went. I've sent out 7 of the 12 DVDs I listed and 1 of the 16 CDs I listed. Not bad. The best part of signing up for all 3? I can transfer credits between all 3 sites and use them for all books, all DVDs, or all CDs, or anything I want! Wahoo!

I'm finally getting some books sent to me off my wish list, so I'm very happy with the whole situation. I've also ordered a few CDs and am on waiting lists for several DVDs.

Spencer says our house is like a post office cos I'm always packing things up and sending them out and he's always ordering bike parts and I'm finally getting stuff in from my swap clubs.

Maybe I should get out my old uniform and do it up right!!! (I used to work for the Postal Service when I lived in Texas.)

These past few days I've been in a mood, which is hard to believe since I had such a good weekend and a great Monday! Lunch with AmpuT! We had a lovely lunch together chatting and catching up. She gifted me with some very funny toilet themed stitch markers and some gorgeous fiber - she's so sweet! Sorry, but I'm too lazy to take pictures, let alone post them. There are four markers tho: plunger, roll of toilet paper, toilet and pile of poo. Once I start using them, you will see them. Or maybe I'll take photos and post. Whichever comes first...don't hold your breath for either.

I haven't done ANYTHING fiber related all summer - and I haven't done anything jewelry or drawing related since those classes ended! Gah. I feel a creativity crisis looming - if I don't make something soon, I think I will explode! If the weather would just freakin' cool down, I'm sure I would get going doing something. Maybe that's why I can't's all building up in my brain. I did however, dig out my turkish spindle and get going on some practice last night. I've got a few pretty batts now that I'd love to make into some usable yarn so I need to get going. I still suck, but with time, I KNOW I'll get better cos I just LOVE it and I won't have it any other way. :)

At least I've been keeping up with the sorting/purging bit. I've been managing to do at least 15-20 min worth every night since this weekend when I went all purge crazy on Saturday morning.

I've got a large shopping cart full of purses, clothes, misc crap, I mean useful items, that needs to go to the Thrift shop. Maybe I'll go tomorrow. Or Friday. Or maybe Saturday. Or all three if I purge enough the next two nights!!

More and more space is being freed up in the living area even tho there is still a row of boxes against the wall. I have vowed not to bring in any more stuff until it is all cleared out. And even then, I really don't think I'll want to bring in anything new. Honestly, I have enough stuff and really don't need more! Unless I find a job between now and then and get all that new furniture I want - but that only means the old furniture goes. One in, one out. :)

Enought chatter, it is time to watch "The Sarah Jane Chronicles". Disc 1, season 1 from Netflix. Pretty soon the last season of Dr. Who will be out and I'll be watching that!!! Maybe I'll do today's purging while I watch. Maybe not.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's so boring round here...

I'm keeping busy, but still....snoozeville!

I've gotten in the mood lately to do lots of sorting and clearing out and etc etc etc. The Chaos is becoming less chaotic by the day. There is still quite a bit to do, but I am making lots of progress going thru boxes and getting rid of stuff.

Spencer had a friend over this weekend, so even tho I did do a bit of work, I really couldn't do much. He is Spencer's Kublacon buddy and they were working on their armies. Every year they are the only two that have unpainted pieces in their armies. I somehow convinced them that they should meet once a month or so and just paint and practice strategies and stuff like that. They got quite a bit of painting done and even put some time in at the local game shop testing out some new strategies at the gaming tables. Spencer has just put away the final remains of all his paints, brushes, glue, bits, pieces and whatnot and the place looks halfway decent. Yay!

It's going to be pretty damn hot here for the next few days (100F +) and I am still in a purging/sorting/cleaning mood, so it is perfect! I wont' be wanting to go out in the heat and what else have I got to do round here? I am determined to have this all cleared out before the Holidays hit. Fingers crossed I can keep up with it!

Now to go wrap up some books for Book Swap. Two more go out in the mail tomorrow!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kevlar Tyres* 6 - Evil Thorns 0

....just in case anyone was wondering....

And that storm that is not supposed to roll in until 1opm? I think it's going to hit a bit sooner. I was just out on Puff the Bike when the wind got stronger and the clouds got thicker, and a few drops fell. If the wind keeps up like this, it'll be here sooner than expected.

I'm home and chillaxin' with a book on the couch. Bring it Mother Nature!

*that's for you Honey, smooch!!

I like when the Angels bowl...

Anyone who lives in the SF Bay Area knows about the lightening and thunderstorm we had early Saturday morning.

I enjoyed it! One thing I miss about living in the Midwest (Chicago, then Texas) is the thunder and lightening.

When I was younger, I was frightened of it. Who wouldn't be as a young child? It's scary!

Mom and Dad explained away the thunder and lightening as Angels bowling. Close lightening and the consequently very loud thunder meant a STRIKE! I still managed to squeeze in their bed (like a chicken my sis would say) when a particularly bad storm would hit.

Anyway, as I grew older, I came to understand what lightening and thunder really were (thanks science and meteorology classes) and came to like hearing the rolling grumbles and the occasional flashes of light.

This past early (5:50am) Saturday, I was awake when it hit - my usual woke-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-can't-fall-back-asleep scenario. I saw the flash first and thought a car was turning around in the parking lot outside my window. Then I heard the rumble...could it be? NO! YES! It was!!! Thunder.

Yay! I opened the living room curtains and sat on the couch for a while watching the lightening and listening to the thunder. Before long, I was feeling sleepy a baby listening to a lullaby.

Off to bed I went and slept soundly for a few hours.

When I finally woke up, it was cloudy and raining. Ah sweet rain, how we need you. It probably wasn't enough to do much for the very dry conditions around here, but I'm sure it did a little bit of good.

Unfortunately, the lightening sparked a few fires out in the wilds, but according to the last news report I watched, they seem to have it under control.

Another storm is due in late tonight and is set to stay into the morning. I hope some thunder comes along with it. We rarely get lightening and thunder in the area here. I for one, welcome nature's noises.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Drive-by posting...

Still gettin' things done over here in the Chaos. who else is going to run off and make some of these?!?!?! I'm stopping on the way home to find something to put in them...either chocolate chips or blueberries or something otherwise yummy! Must. Make. Some...

Mom's recovery is coming along. Not only is she back to her normal self (as evidenced by some annoying parental habits), but the doctor even says she's healing well. :)

I finally remembered to ask Mom if she still had some old beads laying around the house. Sure enough, the old candy tin housing my Grandmothers glass seed beads is alive and well and soon to be on it's way to the Chaos. I used to "play" with those beads when I was little, pouring them out of their vials, putting them back in, arranging the little glass vials "just so" in the tin. Counting the strands on the tassels - that's how seed beads used to be sold, strung on cheap string and made into cute little bunches, or tassels as I called them. Well, the strings have long since deteriorated, it's a good thing I put the tassels into old film canisters. :)

Now that I sort of know what I'm doing, I'm going to try and make some jewelry out of these family antiques. I can't wait to see them again (the memories!). There will be photos as soon as my Mom and Sis find a good way to pack it all up and ship it safely.

I'm back in the saddle - have been bike riding Friday, Sunday and Monday! Today I rested as I've managed to get out of riding shape and am quite sore from the waist down. Tomorrow I go for a ride again. Yay!

My poor little kitty (my 16yr old fluffy white baby) was sick this morning...sure hope she's feeling better. Can't quite tell as she's been sleeping all day. Guess that's a good thing - since that is normally what she does anyway.