Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm obsessed (as Spencer always tells me)

Not only do I belong to the Book Swap Club, but I also joined its 2 sister sites....DVD Swap and CD swap.

With all this sorting and purging, I've come across a few DVDs and CDs that I just don't watch or listen to any more (some I didn't even remember I had!!). Up on their respective sites they went. I've sent out 7 of the 12 DVDs I listed and 1 of the 16 CDs I listed. Not bad. The best part of signing up for all 3? I can transfer credits between all 3 sites and use them for all books, all DVDs, or all CDs, or anything I want! Wahoo!

I'm finally getting some books sent to me off my wish list, so I'm very happy with the whole situation. I've also ordered a few CDs and am on waiting lists for several DVDs.

Spencer says our house is like a post office cos I'm always packing things up and sending them out and he's always ordering bike parts and I'm finally getting stuff in from my swap clubs.

Maybe I should get out my old uniform and do it up right!!! (I used to work for the Postal Service when I lived in Texas.)

These past few days I've been in a mood, which is hard to believe since I had such a good weekend and a great Monday! Lunch with AmpuT! We had a lovely lunch together chatting and catching up. She gifted me with some very funny toilet themed stitch markers and some gorgeous fiber - she's so sweet! Sorry, but I'm too lazy to take pictures, let alone post them. There are four markers tho: plunger, roll of toilet paper, toilet and pile of poo. Once I start using them, you will see them. Or maybe I'll take photos and post. Whichever comes first...don't hold your breath for either.

I haven't done ANYTHING fiber related all summer - and I haven't done anything jewelry or drawing related since those classes ended! Gah. I feel a creativity crisis looming - if I don't make something soon, I think I will explode! If the weather would just freakin' cool down, I'm sure I would get going doing something. Maybe that's why I can't's all building up in my brain. I did however, dig out my turkish spindle and get going on some practice last night. I've got a few pretty batts now that I'd love to make into some usable yarn so I need to get going. I still suck, but with time, I KNOW I'll get better cos I just LOVE it and I won't have it any other way. :)

At least I've been keeping up with the sorting/purging bit. I've been managing to do at least 15-20 min worth every night since this weekend when I went all purge crazy on Saturday morning.

I've got a large shopping cart full of purses, clothes, misc crap, I mean useful items, that needs to go to the Thrift shop. Maybe I'll go tomorrow. Or Friday. Or maybe Saturday. Or all three if I purge enough the next two nights!!

More and more space is being freed up in the living area even tho there is still a row of boxes against the wall. I have vowed not to bring in any more stuff until it is all cleared out. And even then, I really don't think I'll want to bring in anything new. Honestly, I have enough stuff and really don't need more! Unless I find a job between now and then and get all that new furniture I want - but that only means the old furniture goes. One in, one out. :)

Enought chatter, it is time to watch "The Sarah Jane Chronicles". Disc 1, season 1 from Netflix. Pretty soon the last season of Dr. Who will be out and I'll be watching that!!! Maybe I'll do today's purging while I watch. Maybe not.

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