Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cowmon Sense and Dressing Up

Hello fellow Fashionistas!

Last post we chatted with Ms. Sammie and we came to the conclusion that she looks FABULOUS just as she is...well, she does!!!

Which gives me a pretty good lead into today's post...

We're going to discuss "working what you've got". Basically, we are all individuals with our own styles and "looks" and we should "work it"! Those in the fashion industry really love that phrase. Those younger fashionistas out there use the term "rockin' it". She's really "rockin' that outfit"!

A few weeks ago, I lost one of my nose spots. I was embarrassed and I was afraid to go out or be seen by anyone.

Well, then Donna and I saw on the news about something very exciting happening in San Francisco and it drew us both out last Saturday (I'll explain later) - even with only one nose spot. I didn't care, I had to go!!! While we were out and about, I learned a lot of important things about myself and others.

There were so many people out and about in the City. It was a beautiful day! I did a lot of people watching as I peeked out from Donna's bag. So many wonderful outfits, so many fashion disasters. It was all so wonderful... We stopped for a rest by the waterfront at a little park by the Bay Bridge. There were lots of doggies there playing in the sun. One doggie had a doggie wheelchair!

Lots of people kept stopping and pointing and taking photos, but he didn't care. And neither did the other doggies. They were all running about, chasing balls, sniffing each other and playing all sorts of doggie games! We sat and watched them play for a while. I thought to myself, he's really "working what he's got". He doesn't care what anyone else thinks of his wheelchair. He's doing his doggie thing and no one is gonna stop him!

Sometimes we choose how we look (clothes, hair color, glasses, etc), sometimes we don't (tall, short, round face, etc). As long as you are comfortable with your "look", no one can tell you it's good or bad. We'll definitely wonder whether some of you have mirrors at home or not (you with the pink eyebrows and fried hair, I'm talking about you), or some of you may make us uncomfortable or even jealous.

There were so many "looks" out there. Definitely a "Good, Bad, and Ugly" sort of day. It was fantastic!!!

OK, now it's later, so time to tell you what drew me out of the house with only one nose spot...

The San Francisco Opera had a costume sale!!! They opened their warehouse to the public and put up 25 years worth of costumes for sale. Partly to clear out their inventory, mostly to raise money for the Opera. We saw it on the news Friday night and just HAD to go take a look.

The day started out with going to the bike shop with Spencer where they did the final adjustments on his bikebikebike. He left from there to go riding with his friends, so Donna and I took off to SF for the sale! She was so excited she hardly slept Friday night. She kept mumbling something about it being a bit of a dream come true. So many wonderful, hand made costumes in one place!!!!

When we finally arrived, there was a very long was about 4 blocks long! In the sun. We had no water, no sun screen, and no hats. We were totally unprepared. We knew we were in trouble when we started seeing people with lawn chairs, coolers and sun umbrellas as we walked further down the line. We were so out of our league. As we turned round and headed back towards downtown, we vowed we would try again at the next sale. This time we would go EARLIER and we'd be ready for ANYTHING! All we really wanted was to look at how the costumes were made and then look at the really fancy ones and try on some too! How fun would that be?!? There were some designed by Versace!!! There was even a long beaded dress by Bob Mackie! How exciting, no?

Donna and I just love costumes. We love to look at them, design them, and construct them. I'm studying costume design now... it was very disappointing for us not to get into the sale. We were a bit upset at the world, and that's when we went wandering about trying not to feel too sorry for ourselves. It was a gorgeous day out, so we didn't want to come and lock ourselves away all day again.

We even had a visitor stop by as we ate our lunch!

Anyway, back to costumes... Costumes are fun! They can transform you into anything you want to be - not to mention they are fun to design and to make! It's fun to be someone or something different every so often, but you don't need to do it all the time - just be your own wonderful selves!!

Today is one of the most favorite days of all in the US to dress up - Hallowe'en!

So remember, be yourself - work your own style - have fun dressing up - and use your Cowmon Sense! Happy Hallowe'en!

Next post we'll take a look at a new book we picked up the other day - talk about FABULOUS!

The Kyoto Costume Institute's: Fashion, a history from 18th century to 20th century...drool!!!!

Oh, and Donna has fixed my nose! Yay!

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