Friday, October 16, 2009

Girl Crush

Today is our first anniversary! Happy Anniversary Sgt Puff (Puff for short).

I've had my beautiful bike for a year now and I love her! We've gone on many adventures and covered many miles together. I've been keeping track (sort of) of all our rides and have a sort of mileage tally for you. Keep in mind that I'm about 3 months behind on entering our rides, so the numbers are actually a bit higher*.

Distance Traveled: 429.12 mi.
Carbon Offset: 461.5 lbs. of CO2

Isn't she gorgeous?

And here's a photo of the happy couple taken this past Saturday on their way out. It was a great day for riding.

To celebrate, we're off riding today with Spencer and his bikebikebike when he gets home from school. And the BIG GIFT is a trip to the Bike Kitchen tomorrow for a tune-up. She DEFINITELY deserves a bit of TLC for taking me everywhere I want to go and for getting thru Thorn Season.

This next year, I think we should increase our mileage! I'm not going to set a concrete number, cos then I only get myself in trouble. Just promising to get out and ride more is enough for me. The numbers will tell the story next year!

Oooh, final count for the entire thorn season (incl original tires):

Puff 6 Thorns 2

*I promise to post the final numbers once I'm finished entering in all of our rides...

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