Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Feature...Cowmon Sense Fashion with Ms Cow!

Welcome everyone to Cowmon Sense Fashion!!!

Donna is off working very hard at being bored and so on, so I decided to post a little something for the fashionistas out there. She made me promise to use spell check so that everyone would understand my fashion tips. She has a valid point. Sigh.

For those of you who don't know me, I love Fashion! I watch fashion shows on TV, I read fashion, design and sewing blogs on the internets, and I read fashion, style, and sewing magazines. I am a student of design and hope to have my own cowture line some day. I have my own little notebook that I carry round taking notes and jotting down ideas, and of course, sketching out my designs. I'd show it to you, but it's all top secret. Don't want any naughty fashion spies stealing my designs!

My first post today will be about Black and White. It's the latest thing! And being a Black and White Cow, I'm at the height of fashion. Today I interview Ms Sammie, local house cat and demon kitty from hell - who is ALL WHITE.

Ms Cow (MC): Hello my dear. Can we talk?
Ms Sammie(MS): Meow.

MC: Ms Sammie my've got the White bit need some black to break it up. It's just so...pale. You're not a Vampire Cat are you?
MS: Meow.
MC: Let's have a look at you...lovely coat (pet pet pet)...yes, some black here and there would be fab!!!
MS: purrrrrrrrrrrrr

MC: Yes, yes, yes, that's all nice, but what are you going to do about getting some color?
MS: Meow
MC: Getting hair color dripped on you when Donna is coloring her hair is not quite what I had in mind...

MC: Yes, yes I's color...but it's brown. She needs to dye her hair black. Then you go give her a nudge. Better yet, take the bottle of dye from her! That spot is just too small.
MS: meowwwww
MC: You tried my dear, you tried. Don't fret, she'll be at it again in 4 weeks. We have time to formulate a plan...

Next episode, we'll have some examples for Ms Sammie to look at...until then use your Cowmon Sense*!

(*copyright 2009, Ms Cow Cowture)

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  1. CUTE! Perhaps you could knit her something black to wear? (Of course, getting a cat to wear something would be a whole feat in and of itself, wouldn't it?)