Thursday, December 03, 2009


Hello all,
Well, Spencer has given the thumbs up to the latest attempt at Pumpkin Pie, but we both agree that the crust sucks. So next time we make a pie, we'll use a different crust and see how it goes. At least the filling recipe works - that's the most important bit!

The other day, I was going thru my closet, drawers and container-of-clothes-that used-to-fit-and-will-again. You guys know how that goes...sigh. Anyway, I managed to get several grocery bags (ok 8) of clothes and accessories to give away. Lots of old stuff, stuff I haven't worn in years, clothes that don't fit anymore and clothes that I don't care if they ever fit again.

Again, you know how that goes...

Anyway, I kept running across clothes that still had tags. Pathetic. Chaos hoarder that I am, I still had the receipts and went to Ross (that's where I get 99% of my clothes and accessories) and got a store credit. With that credit, I bought some things for the kitchen.

I also bought a bunch of socks (damn those necessaries like that really add up quickly, don't they - and they always all fall apart at the same time!!!) and a few pairs of gym shoes.

Which is why I'm writing this damn post in the first place. I decided while I was sorting thru clothes and more and more went into the container-of-clothes-that used-to-fit-and-will-again that I was going to have to work a lot harder to get into the damn things. I've got a LOT of REALLY NICE clothes. I've been really down about my weight lately (ok, for pretty much all my life) and thinking I REALLY need to do SOMETHING more than what I'm doing now. Riding my bike is good, but lately, I'm not riding all that often and that's really not going to help in the long run.

I enjoy doing my exercise outdoors. So I decided that when I took all this stuff back, I would get myself some walking socks and running/walking gym shoes. And I did. That was yesterday. I walked for an hour this morning. It was cold. I'm freakin' insane.

I finally did it. I've been thinking about doing something more than just riding my bike for a very long time - 2 weeks or so to be exact - actually a LOT longer, but thinking seriously for about 2 weeks. Sorting thru my clothes on Sunday turned out to be the catalyst I needed to get my ass in gear.

And it walked on the trail for an hour this morning at the ass crack of the day. It was cold. Which made me walk faster, which was good, cos you get more out of walking if you actually put some effort into it. I hurt, but that will go away with time. It's been years since I've distanced walked.

Tomorrow I ride Puff. I don't know how long I'll go for, but I'll be leaving with Spencer when he rides off to BART in the morning - which is when the sun comes up. You know, the ass crack of dawn. Sigh.

And the last reason I'm writing this post is that I need some help. I need a goal to work for...cos apparently, losing weight, being healthy, and living longer aren't good enuf to get me to exercise as much as I need to...sigh.

If anyone knows of any local 5k Walks or walk/runs or bike rides that don't cost much and are easily accessible by public transit...please let me know. I am going to do as many as I can. I need to keep moving. It's the only way I lose weight.

20 years ago, I lost about 50 lbs. The way I did it was thru the Jenny Craig diet program and training for The Mutiple Sclerosis 150 mile bike-a-thon (MS150). I ate JC meals and rode my bike 2 hours a day. I was a lean, mean, riding machine. I kept off the weight until I got pregnant - and I STILL have that "baby weight" - even tho my "baby" is almost 16 years old. Sigh.

OK, so I'm 20 years older and can't afford a fancy pants diet program. So what am I supposed to do?

Easy, drag my ass outside to move every day - for now that is riding or walking - my 20yrs older and 60lbs overweight body can't take much more than that right now. Eat right, get enuf rest and all that sort of stuff. With a hell of a lot of work, and a visible goal on my calendar to work for, I can do it.

If you know of a website or a walk/ride, let me know in the comments. My ass thanks you - really it wants to curse you, but I'm making it mind its manners.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM PST

    Great! I'm proud of you.
    I started working out, too. It's done wonders for stress, and now instead of whining about my body and wimpiness, I can do something to make everything better.