Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Post Counter is Wrong

Wrong I tell you! I've been posting and posting and jabbering on and on and the count is still in the 550's...I swear it's been that way since the beginning of summer. I KNOW I've posted more than 10 times since June. Gah.

Whatever, time for some more jabbering.

I miss knitting.

I tried with the Tunisian Hook last night - no dice. Even that was too much. Regular crochet doesn't work either.

Neither does sewing, making jewelry, or any other sort of crafting.

My consultation appointment with the wrist doc with the "New and Improved" MRI is tomorrow morning. I'm SO FLIPPIN' TIRED OF WAITING.

The wrist REALLY hurts. The damp and cold IS NOT HELPING.

There has been a whirlwind of sorting and organizing activity here in the Chaos.

My apartment complex is getting inspected by the City on Friday morning. Nothing like an "incentive" to get you moving a bit faster.

The only storage areas left for sorting are the big, useless dining room closet and the smaller, but still as useless hall closet. Those will have to wait until after the inspection. Boxes and whatnot that have already been sorted but don't have a home yet will be marked appropriately and put wherever there is room - need to get them out of the way.

I've made so many trips up and down to the recycling bins and dumpster that I should have buns of steel.

I've made 2 trips this week (so far) to the thrift store with a very large metal cart full of donations each time - on the bus - it's been quite easy actually. The big cart is now sitting full in the corner waiting for another run. Can't go tomorrow cos of doc appointment and Friday I'm expecting a package delivery, so I guess I'll start up with the thrift store runs again next week.

My doc appt is tomorrow.

I've been doing some culinary experimentation. It sounds a lot better than its been tasting, trust me. It's been fun tho - and I can usually salvage most of it, so we haven't been starving.

My doc appt is tomorrow!!!

Back to work putting things away. I've done as much sorting as I can, now just to get it all back under the bed and in the closets and tucked away til after the holidays. I will do more as time and wrist permits - don't think I'll have it all done before the Holidays and I really do want to decorate for Xmas. So....everything goes away, clearly marked and mostly in their permanent homes.

After New Year's back at it full force!

I got a new exercise DVD today from my DVD swap club. I'm so excited. It's Core Conditioning and what not, but uses belly dancing moves. I watched it thru while eating lunch today (yeah, I know) and I think I just might be able to actually do this one and keep on doing it - I like belly dancing and the instructors aren't annoying and my body is familiar with the moves - and it's very low impact.

I'm going to the doc tomorrow.


  1. So...when are you going to the doc?

  2. I thought you's give us an update about when you might next be going to the doctor for your wrist but I guess we'll have to wait on that.

    When I read in a comment on someone else's blog that you had gone to the thrift store with a load or two, I was trying to picture a place close by you. I didn't even think you were taking it on the BUS! check you out! Seriously inspiring.

    BTW - I saw you on the corner the other morning. I had read that morning that you were bundling yourself up to head to the Bus Stop and then I drove by since most of my doctors are blocks away from you and there you were (likely coming back from your morning trip)!

  3. BTW - I miss knitting too! Stupid wrists. I keep thinking I might be able to pull off making baby items but then I think about how small those stitches would be and my wrists ache just thinking about it.
    I seriously need a new scarf. Mine are all pilled up.

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM PST

    I am sorry about your wrist. Try to immerse yourself in other hobbies!