Friday, September 08, 2006


Came home to find this yesterday...

But what is the problem you ask? Your fridge unit is full of yummy stuff, no? Weeelll, the freezer food is thawed and melted, and the fridge food is warm and gooey. And it all stinks. Ack. The darn thing died sometime in the last few days. All was fine on Tuesday night - the last time I opened either section. Guess I should cook more often, eh? While I don't mind throwing away spoiled food ('cause you know I don't cook often, and well, sometimes stuff goes bad before I get around to cooking it up and so I toss a bit every now and then) I do mind throwing it all away at once. Especially after I just bought it all. And some of it is yummy leftovers from when the boy-o cooked on Monday, and the yummy lemon bars he made... Grrrrr...

Oh yeah, and the dishwasher is leaking too.

Right now, I am thanking my lucky stars that I am renting. I called up the apt complex office, gave them my sob story, and I will either have fixed appliances or new appliances when I get home today. How conveeenient.

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine starts off tonight with the boy-o's karate test - he's going for the next level up. He Rocks! Then, tomorrow is my day trip to go see the Harlot. Girls day away from the chaos - that alone is worth an hour or so in the car. Add the Harlot and a bunch of like-minded crazy folk, and it's a good day.

Pictures and a post on Sunday. Oh yeah, and a really good friend from Dallas will be in town for the weekend for a reunion on Saturday, so we are going to meet up on Sunday for lunch.

Can't wait to get it all started!

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