Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty...

Yesterday, I got a really good laugh at myself. A few entries ago, I mentioned the fact that I had found a UFO – an unfinished Kittyville Hat from Stitch N Bitch that I had started last winter. AmpuT urged me to finish it. I needed a new train project. I’m now working on it again, and it’ll be done soon and done right.

What’s so damn funny? Well, I had replied to AmpuT commenting that I think I stopped working on because it may have been too big…

What do you think? Hahahahaha

How the heck did it end up so big? Mix one stressed out chick (work was rough at the end of last year), add the wrong size needles, sprinkle a bit of total disregard for all things gauge related, and you’ve got a hat that’s too big. When I stress-knit, I tend to knit just for the sake of knitting. I don’t care about gauge, I don’t care about following patterns to the letter - I just knit and knit and knit. And then I feel better. Once I get out of my ‘knitting trance’, I’ve either got a very large afghan (I made one for Spencer that could cover a king size bed), a very long scarf or two or three, or a Kittyville Hat that is too big.


…became this…

…on to the swatch…

and casting on…

I’m really enjoying this project. It’s knitting up easily on the train – which makes it the perfect KIP project.

I also found this…that’s $1 a ball fuzzy yarn from Target (yes Target).

Now for my list of what’s on the needles:
Om Bag 2
Kittyville Hat
Squishy Scarf
Fuzzy Target Yarn ‘something’

I think this is the most I’ve ever had on the needles at one time.