Sunday, September 24, 2006

Knitting progress - um not really

I've read more about knitting than actual knitting - reading other blogs, searching for patterns, and re-familiarizing myself with the Om pattern as I start on the body of bag 2.

  • RYS II - no knitting on that
  • Fingerless gloves - oh yeah, they're done! That's why I was looking up patterns. D'oh.
  • Om bag 2 - strap is done, started lacework body.
  • Found a UFO on Saturday...a kitty hat from "Stitch and Bitch" - I think. I haven't found the book yet, but that's around here somewhere too.
  • Found a bunch of patterns that I'd printed out a while back. Can't wait to start on them. I've got a bunch of yarn I need to use up - so I can get more of course. It'll be sweater weather around here soon (hopefully) and that means the thrift stores are gonna start selling the good sweaters again. And for me, that means MORE YARN! Booyah! First I gotta clear out some of the other stuff.

Yeah, that's why I started out the blog with organizing. I can't ever find anything. But I decided it was much more interesting (and fun) to write about knitting. If other stuff snuck in, fine, I'd write about that too.

I'll post a picture of the fingerless gloves tomorrow. Maybe I can get Antonella to model them for us.

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  1. Dudette..finish the kitty hat. It would look really cute on you. I have one, and it's charming.