Thursday, September 21, 2006

One finished, one started

Well, now that the Om bag is done and serving it's purpose for the happy recipient, I have cast on for another Om bag for her hubby. Luckily he likes orange too. Now they will be all matchy - matchy when they go to Pilates and I will use up the rest of the cotton yarn - sure beats having to take it back to the store...I can be so lazy that way. Anything left after that will make a dish rag or get sent to the Art teacher at school.

Speaking of the Art teacher, I donated my 10lbs or so of glass beads that have been taking up closet space for about oh 6 or 7 years now. I got a coupon from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads for a glass bead grab bag (5 lbs) for $5 and free shipping if you ordered two or more. So what did I do? Someone who has never beaded in her entire life? I ordered two. WTF? I've used the equivalent of a handful of the beads. I had delusions of using it for costuming and knitting, but they were too large and heavy. Now they have gone to a good home. The kids will have fun with them and I have cleared some space in my closet. I've found a new supplier at the Ashby Flea Market. Still glass beads (the smaller size that I need), still $5 a bag. Can't get any better than that.

I knit a few more rows on the RYS II and yes, it still looks the same as it has for the last 50 or so rows. Dammit. Next triangle shawl I make will be started from the top and ending with the point. This starting at the point and working your way up pretty much sucks.

I've found a few of my UFO's from last year's hat making binge. I guess I got tired of the hats after a while and never finished these last few. Once I figure out what I was doing, I'll finish those off and then give them away. I love surprising people with small knitted things.

The second of the pair of fingerless gloves is almost done. I finished the thumb opening this morning and will most likely finish them off tonight. A will get more orange stuff tomorrow. She sure is getting lucky with yarny stuff this week, isn't she? Hee Hee

I had a fun chat with the School's Office Manager this morning. She is a crafty/artist type too and is looking for a snood to wear with her Ren costume. She's tried a few, but her dreads keep poking through, so she needs something with a closer stitch and not such an open net stitch. I searched a bit online at lunch and discovered a few patterns, but they were for sewing or crochet. I will need to do a bit of tweeking or come up with my own pattern, but I know what to give her for an appreciation gift this year. She's a beader, so I'll have to add some beads (oh darn, another chance to knit with beads - the inhumanity!) to whatever I make, be it my own creation or someone else's pattern.

Looks like the boy-o and I are off to the flea market again. His backpack isn't holding up at all. I should have known better - it wasn't meant to hold all the books he's got - but it looked damn cool! Maybe we'll learn to buy for function and not 'coolness'? And...while we're gonna be there anyway...maybe I'll just pop over to the 'Bead Lady' and get some more beads? Snicker.

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  1. I hardly every make to the Ashby flea, which is odd...because I think I'm even closer than you! I'd love to know how/where to find the "bead lady", though. Maybe I'll go in a couple of weeks.