Saturday, September 16, 2006

Proof of Knitting

The last few days have been interesting. If you leave out the pain in the knees and totally screwing up at work, you might even call it fun.

Thursday, the company sent us all to the SF Giants game against the Colorado Rockies. I started a pair of orange fingerless gloves for my friend Antonella. The pattern is a combo of several (aka I'm winging it) with the wrist part being a 4x4 spiral rib. See? Here I am at the ballpark knitting...

Once the beer kicked in, and the kettle popcorn came along...well, the knitting was put aside. It was hard to keep up with the game sitting where we were, but that's ok. I had some great company. A few of us took a walk about the park and tested out the Coca-Cola Slide in the outfield 'play' area...

The Giants ended up winning the game, but I couldn't tell you what the final score was unless I looked it up. What I do know is that there sure are a shitload of stairs at a ballpark (that explains the knee pain).

Ummm...this isn't my desk at work...riiiight... I needed a break on Friday, and what better break than a knitting break...

Friday sucked so we'll just skip over that day. Although it did finish up with seeing a hunkerific guy in a Downtown Berkeley store I went to - he sure was handsome. Some day I will be able to talk to newly met men without totally dorking out. It's a curse I tell you.

The weekend was pretty quiet. It was nice. Boy-o spent Friday night over at a friends and then went to a game store auction on Saturday morning. He came back with over 70 miniatures (vintage 1981) - "but I got such a good deal Mom". He only spent $15 (total bargain - you go boy-o!) but still. Ugh. I'm beginning to hate those things. They are everywhere in the apartment. We've got to get it under control or I'm gonna 'splode. He's got the containers, he just can't bring himself to put things away once he's pulled them out and it's driving me nuts. Deep calming breath...

For Sunday I can't decide if we should go back to the Ashby Flea Market, trek over to the Concord Flea Market, or stay home so I can torture the boy-o by making him clean up those damn miniatures. I'm thinking torture! Buahahahahaha

Somewhere in there he needs to do homework and prep for next week. A mother's work is never done. At least his Dad got him to get a haircut - he won't be too much of a mushroom head this year for school pictures - and there won't be any blue streaks. Woohoo!

Time to tweak my furniture designs and make some tech drawings and figure out some specs. This is actually really interesting. If I get around to making some of it, it will be cool. If not, it'll still be cool.

Well, Sunday has come and gone and this is what we did: we went to breakfast - tea and scones at Peet's - and then hit a few new/used book stores before coming home and hanging for the whole day. I just didn't have it in me to nag the crap out of him to organize all his minis. Guess I'll just save it up for another day.

Here's what the fingerless glove looks like now...

Like my mini-circs? From tip to tip, they are only 10 1/2 inches. Sweet. They were my Grandma S's needles. She passed on before I was born, so I feel a little bit connected to her through these. Maybe she used these as she cussed and dropped stitches while listening to her teams on the radio...I know I got in my fair share of cussing - casting on and getting started with these little things is a bitch!

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