Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Same old same old

It's finally here. The mundane every day goings on of the school year. Huzzah! Once all us parents figure out the carpooling and the before and after school crap, everything will be just fine. Ahhh....there's something wonderful about a boring routine. Funny how it never seems boring, and there's never a dull moment and plenty of wrenches thrown here and there to keep things interesting.

I'll take it.

Three inches left on the mystery gift. Just a wee bit left of the latest 100 yard ball on the RYS II. It's so hard to tell how big it actually is...guess I'll take Harlot's advice from her new book and put all the stitches on some waste yarn and then attempt to measure it. It's on circs now, the only good measurement I get is length - and I don't think it's long enough just yet - darn it! If I stop at 400 or 500 yds with it, I still have 500-600 yds left of yarn - what to do with that? I'm tired of this yarn, so maybe I'll just put it back into the stash and drag it out again next year when I feel like a little self-torture. Gak.

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