Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Enter...Panic Mode...and Other stuff again...

There are only 9 days remaining until Antonella whisks me off to the airport at some ungodly hour in morning. But, The Honey is at the other end of the journey, so it's worth it for sure.

PANIC!!!! OK..just had to get that out of my system. My to-do list of things to-do before I go just seems to be getting longer and longer even though I'm crossing things off that I've to-done.

Yes, I'm babbling. Leave me alone.

I've been unable to knit...which means Big Sis's secret belated b-day present will not be done before I leave. Most likely not done. Seeing that I've not been able to knit and all.

Yes, I'm babbling again. Leave me alone...again.

OK...pulling it together for just a moment, I present Spencer and his most favoritest Xmas present ever...from Grandma and Auntie of course, since Mom's don't ever get their kids cool stuff like Grandmas and Aunties do...

First we take a gander at my baby's feet. The little baby feet on the right would be mine. The ginormous battle cruisers on the left would be my baby's...and my feet aren't really that small...women's 8.5 is not a small, petite foot...unless you put it next to Spencer's size 10 battle cruisers. Which are now pretty much officially size 10.5 battle cruisers...yes folks, it's a winter growth spurt.

And here we have Mom (um, that would be me) trying to get up on the wave board. I decided this would be the most acceptable (to me) photo to post. The others, if they existed, would be of me just about killing myself on this funky contraption...and since they don't exist, that means I don't have to bother erasing all trace of them, and therefore they cannot be published for all the internets to see.

Yes, I'm babbling again...get over it.

And here we have proof that this funky contraption does indeed work, the kid enjoys riding around on it, and yes, Grandma, he does use saftey equipment...ummmm...at least while I was filming him and he was just learning...

OOOh...and since Stephieface likes threesomes so much, we'll give her another one tonight... Let's see Panic Attack, that's One...Grandma and Auntie get major cool points with the Wave Board, that's Two...and a Finished Object, that's Three...yep...another threesome.

And now on to the Finished Birthday Object for The Honey...Happy Belated Birthday Honey!!! (it was Jan 3rd - right in the middle of my "I don't feel like blogging" stint so I was bad and didn't post on his B-day)...

This is a photo of the scarf in progress, as I was so excited to have it done on time to ship off, I was at the Post Office with it all packed up before I realized I had no official FO picture. Not only is it a cabled scarf, but it's a reversible cabled scarf...cabled mostly without a cable needle. Even after all those bazillion and one cables, I still love cables. Oh, and I loved the yarn so much (Rowan Tapestry) that I bought more for myself to make some warm wooly accessories for my trip to the UK.

Maybe I'll remember to get an official FO photo of the scarf while I'm visiting...

OH GAH!!!! I'm leaving in 9 days...excuse me while I go off and panic again...


  1. Anonymous4:15 AM PST

    Ooooh, threesomes again!
    Ok, I'm up for it; this is another birthday present, right?


  2. My secret is out! :D

    Are my eyes deceiving me or does Spencer have two different colors of shoe laces?