Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oooh...I've blabbed non-sensically 331 times*...

...see? Told you...does that make any sense to anyone else but me?

*translation: this is my 331st post

My mind (and quite frankly my stomach) are all a-twist. For those keeping track...I leave early tomorrow morning to go see my Honey in the UK.

Why yes, I am all excited to why the anxiety?

There's a whole number of anxiety being the main driver to it all. I usually get this way when I know...have I taken care of everything at work? (yes)...have I taken care of everything at home? (almost, but very very close)...have I emptied the trash...have I washed what clothes I want to pack...have I paid all bills that will come due while I'm gone...did I drop off the rent...

...and it goes on and on and the point of not getting very good sleep...I'm a wreck...

Was telling the Honey this morning that at this rate, I really don't think falling asleep on the plane will be a problem. I'll probably get on and pass out from sheer exhaustion...

The worst part is that I haven't packed yet. I should be packed already....and I'm not...and it's freaking me out.

There's only a few items on the to-do list left now...and those will be done with plenty of time to spare...and leaving me plenty of time to pack tonight.

Really wish I could get my brain to realize that everything is OK.

OK..enough's taking away from my panic time!

Anyways...back in a few weeks...I may post a bit while I'm over in the UK...I did promise Antonella a picture of a castle before I got back home, so there will be at least one posting.

In the meantime, don't clean up the Chaos while I'm gone...and take care and see you soon and all that.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM PST

    See you very, very soon, darling.


  2. Have a freakin' FABulous time!

    And awwww...Honey's nice....

  3. Travel safe! Have FUN! (and quit reading your comments--get packing!! LOL)