Friday, January 25, 2008

WIP it, WIP it good*

No, we haven't moved from Threesomes to S&M...we're just talking Works In Progress...and other yarny stuff... jeez.

And now with the help of Marvin, the D4S (Dalek for Scale), I present...

3 balls Karabella Vintage Cotton colorway 311 (sent in the sweetest care package last Spring from No-Blog-Rachel)and some Patons cotton colorway unknown (but it's an awesome blue color - thrift store find). Have no idea what I'm going to do with it all yet, but I'm definitely going to combine the two colors. Somehow. On something. Will take a while for the cotton to 'talk' to me. OK, OK...I just have no clue what the hell I'm gonna do with it...

The Mystery Blue Thing for my Sis...backside once again...about half way along...the fabric is hard to maneuver at this point...getting harder to work on...I shall prevail... Am debating whether I should take this on the's getting quite bulky...probably not.

The beginnings of my fingerless mitts...Rowan Tapestry color 177...pattern Paris Roubaix set from Anne Hanson...Love. It. Absolutely love working with the yarn, and the pattern is fabulous. Hope to have the hat and mitts complete by the trip...and will be making this instead of the scarf - and I'll be using the same stitch pattern as the Paris-Roubaix set so it matches. Need something around my neck, but not a long scarf...too much bulk under the new 3 in 1 jacket. I'll probably knit that on the way over.

SWTC Bamboo in the Serendipity colorway (also from No-Blog-Rachel)...pattern Holey Moley...for me... Might take this's an easy knit and very portable.

Caron's Cotton Terry...10 skeins...another thrift store find. Going to be a shitload of face washcloths for me and Spencer... I plan on taking some of this on the trip...washcloths are quick, easy, instant gratification...and a great way to practice new stitches.

Made out of some old acrylic dk weight from my stash and a ton o' green and clear glass beads...Celestine...the beads really make this star...I have 3 points left to make. This will be an awesome addition to our Xmas decoration collection...and I will be making more out of different yarn, beads, etc etc this pattern. Not taking this...too many needles sticking out of everywhere...could cause a security meltdown...wouldn't want that now would we?!?

So that's what I've got on the needles...there are so many more projects running around in my head...for many things, just not knitting. They'll probably stay there for awhile...

*adapted from Devo, Whip it, 1980

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  1. Love the star! I was thinking of making the same for my tree along with some of those wee little sweaters.
    I already have a finger knitted garland (directions on Knitty) in a white yarn and a blue varigated yarn. Provided you have a bag (doesn't have to be a big one, since the garland squishes... and then its just the yarn and squishy garland)and your yarn you can finger knit on the plane no problem since there are no needles involved... the most you would need is a pencil or pen or something to "hold" the stitches for you if you have to pee. Last I knew pens and pencils weren't yet outlawed on planes (maybe cause if you were to threaten the flight crew with a sharpened pencil they could break off the end and suffer at the most a wee bit of lead poisoning).