Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Commuting Beast within... calmed.  I am knitting on the train again.  I started the Marine Life socks last night.  Yay!

My commute has been hell lately and I have missed the calming effects of the needles.

By the time I get home, I'm stressed out, sore from being bounced and pushed and from trying to stand while trying not to dislocate my shoulders.

I know at least in the morning I can get in some knitting.  I can knit standing up, and I have on many occasions, but the train is so crowded on the way home, I'm lucky to find enough space for me and my tote bag.

At least now I can knit when I miss the bus home while I wait for the next one to pull into the station.  That's been a daily occurrence lately.  Which is annoying as hell, let me tell you.  I'm tired of seeing the back end of buses pulling away as I come down the steps from the train.

I should have these size 12 socks done in no time.

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