Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Day Off

I hit the snooze just as planned.

I got up before the 'official' alarm - way too early (6am, which is my normal weekday wake up - too bad my body clock didn't take the day off too.)

Was text whining to a friend about what I was going to do with myself (no, I don't take days off very often, and no, I couldn't think of anything that didn't involve, sorting, cleaning, laundry or other sort of housework) when she suggested I hang out at a local cafe to chill and knit while I was out and about.

Perfect.  I needed to get some things so headed to the local downtown.  It was much easier than going on a weekend - more buses running.

Didn't get all I wanted, had an early lunch, skipped the cafe knitting and came home.  I was tired and bored.

What did I learn?  I really need to take more days off and learn how to relax during the week.

Today I checked out the newest local grocery store called Sprouts - love the fresh fruits and veggies.  It's not that far off the bus and that means I can still get there without causing too much inconvenience on the feet and knees.

Had a very long chat in the afternoon with Honey.

And now I'm vegging out on the couch.

I have no issues with relaxing on the weekends, it's just during the week that gives me problems.  Feel like I should be somewhere else doing other things - maybe at work?

Anyhoo, I have LOTS to do tomorrow since I have not managed to do any chores or things that needed to be done today.

First I have to NOT wake up at 7am and go OMG I'M GOING TO BE LATE.  My whole inner schedule is off because of my day off on Friday.  And yes, I have done that on Holidays.

I think I need to put a note with big letters across my alarm clock: GO BACK TO BED - IT'S SUNDAY.

Maybe I should also put one on the bathroom mirror...don't laugh, I've done it before.

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