Monday, January 07, 2008

Knock knock...

......uhhhhhhhhhh....I'm here?!?

Promise I'll post soon...have lots of fodder, but have been in a very non-bloggy mood. Said fodder includes: Finished objects! Pictures of Spencer getting his latest Karate level! Video of Spencer on his new wave board! Our new stove! Our Christmas tree! Our non-burned all the way cooked Christmas dinner! Works in progress!!!

Told ya there was lots.

OH, and I'll try to be clever and interesting too.

24 days...yes my friends...the countdown has begun. I have e-tickets and passport in hand. The trip to see The Honey is ON! And, yes, I could already be packed, but I decided living out of a suitcase for a month was a little too much, so I will wait until my departure time gets closer...


  1. Woohoo! She's back! I'm still waiting for the picture of the stove! :)

    (Ok, I'm giving you a hard time but I really am glad you're back)

  2. tick tock....tick tock....

  3. Very exciting!
    I was just over by you this evening for a Dr. Appointment. We were stuck at the light in front of your place for ages and I thought... I should go bug Donna!

    If you don't get to the bloggy blog before your trip, s'ok! I would be a little preoccupied myself with the excitement of the trip!

  4. if you were to, let's say, pack an irish mother of four in your suitcase who loved talking dirty knitting as much as you.... living out of a suitcase might no tbe so bad (Really, I would need air now and again... and maybe a pee break----- I mean....) ahem.