Monday, December 12, 2011

Happiness in the fog of What.Ever.

Happiness is having a dedicated Knitting Chair.  Mine is now known affectionately by the name Chair.

As in My Chair, do not sit in My Chair.

Capitalized because it is a such wonderful revered place - if only by me, but who cares.

This is the first time in all my knitting years (that's about 42 total btw - yes, i started VERY YOUNG), that I've had a dedicated knitting chair.

It's the first time, since I became a single parent that I've had a VERY NICE chair.  All my other furniture has been fine: second hand/ consignment furniture that has more than done it's duty and served it's purpose.  It's worn out, I'm worn out and I only had the bare necessities because that's all I could afford.  An extra comfy chair would have been considered a luxury.

And right now, I need some luxury.  Still can't afford it, but I have an Angel.

Chair is not brand new, but it sure does look like it.  Thanks to a very generous friend who manages to give me some wonderful cast-offs whenever she moves.  I've had it for over a year, but have had to share it with a teenage son and an old Kitty and then some very soft donation items.

Now that Kitty has been gone for a while (sadness) and the son is getting ready for college (more sadness...especially since the acceptance letters have started to arrive), and I've packed up the donation clothes, I have now reclaimed it as MINE.

I NEED the Chair.  It helps me relax during what little down time I have. Definitely should have reclaimed it earlier, but I guess I wasn't ready to acknowledge I needed it.  Or some sort of hooey whatsit.  I now officially acknowledge the need.

It's the right amount of coziness.

And Chair soon could be joined by a storage cube/ottoman.  Generous friend informed me last night that she has a few to hand off after their last move (they are redecorating in the new place) and would I be interested.


A place to put my weary tooties that also holds yarny goodies?

Oh yes indeedy, I am very interested.

Last night was the first night I actually sat in Chair and knit for more than a few minutes.

Knitterly heaven in a sea of boxes.

As soon as all the boxes go away, I'll post a photo of my special place in the Chaos.  There are still too many of them in the background.


  1. Anonymous7:10 AM PST

    Don't tell Donna, but I sat in The Chair when she wasn't looking! It's not as comfy as the couch though...

    x x x

  2. OH DONNA! I missed that you lost your kitty. That makes me very sad. I'm so sorry.

    But I hope you enjoy your chair :)

  3. @Honey, I kicked you out of it, remember? :)

    @Cherry, thanks. It was back in the Spring. Really miss her furry softness on cold nights. :( She really enjoyed the Chair. She had a special blanket on it just for her coziness. I didn't mind letting her have it, it made her last months more comfortable.

  4. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! (watch out for that comfy chair...might be dangerous.)

    I also am sorry to hear about your kitty. You must miss her terribly. :(

    Take good care, of yourself, and of course, of the chair.